Painting this particular commission meant an awful lot to me. It's been the only time I've felt relieved to make somebody cry. (After the delivery, I mean)

In all his beautiful glory here sits wonderful Elton, a cheeky poodle-cross-shiatsu who very sadly is no longer with us.

I met his lovely owners Lin and Richard by chance whilst running a stall at a craft fair, sometime after Elton’s passing. We discussed my works, then Elton's superb character and throughout their love for him and true heartache shone through and moved me.

It was a real honour to receive that phone call asking to go ahead with a portrait to commemorate him. An honour professionally and personally.

I’m sad I wasn’t able to meet this cheeky Chappy… but will always remain grateful that I was trusted enough to do so through his photos and stories.

Artwork of pets are personal things! So I work in various mediums and sizes, optional to you. Please get in touch to discuss your preference for your wonderful companions.

Featured here is acrylic paint, A3 canvas and mounted.
Acrylic on Canvas - Mounted.
© 2019
Such an adorable doggie! Montey featured here from Southern France, fashioning his little muddy slippers...
Bon voyage, my lovely! 
Pencils; A4 Watercolour Paper – Mounted
Another 'Monty' to put to paper today! Though this fellow is slightly more regional! Smiley Monty and his favourite tennis ball are featured above. Always a joy to see these happy and cherished family members!
Pencil; A4 Canvas Paper
I'm honestly a little disappointed with my scanner in scanning this commission (reference purposes) before handover... but as long as the original artwork meet's my client's standards then I cannot complain! 
A very majestic German Shepard-cross you see here. The reference photos were a joy to flick through as Shadow seems to always wear such a charming smile! 
Thank you Debbie for choosing me to create your Mother's Christmas present – I hope it has made her smile too :)
Pencil; A4 Canvas Paper
We've never had cats growing up as our dogs never faired well with them... the area wasn't appropriate for one to safely roam, however, every time I've met with Freya I do come to regret this slightly. She's such a loving soul! 
Freya's had quite a few homes, bless her, but I can safely say she has now found a permanent one in my heart. (Sorrynotsorry) ...And no, she hasn't passed...I'm just feeling a sentimental vibe today. :)
Pencil; A6 Watercolour Paper

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Please note: To be able to thoroughly portray your animal family member(s), I will only be able to accept good quality photo references – thank you for your understanding.

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